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Dr. Ebell

Our chiropractic doctors have experience working with athletes at all levels, ranging from amateur to professional. We have partnered with USA Wrestling, which has provided us with a better understanding of how the body reacts and heals during periods of intense stress or injury.

Optimize Your Athletic Performance Today and in the Future

As an athlete, your body is engineered to perform at peak levels even when faced with great physical strain. Keeping your body in top form day in and day out is imperative to both your athletic career and overall health. Fortunately, with the right approach, the body's natural design can sustain relentless performance.

MaxLiving's Sports Performance Council consists of over 185 highly trained chiropractic doctors who are dedicated to assisting athletes and sports teams reach their maximum potential. Adequate nutrition, injury prevention, and overall health promotion are essential components of an athlete's daily routine. Our team can help you balance each of these factors to enhance your body’s performance capabilities.

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